New Album – Grain By Grain

Released by Nobody’s Favorite Records on May 1st 2016, this brand new album includes 10 original songs, featuring musicians Doug Williamson (piano, mandolin, upright bass), Peter Hart (pedal steel, dobro) and Zack Ciras (bassist for the accident that led me to the world). Co-produced by Kyle Swartzwelder

Why aren’t Mr Mandeville and Ms Richards so much better known? Mark Mandeville, Raianne Richards and their musician friends have crafted a warm, friendly, relaxing album that drips with quality. This is a disc that demands listeners and it is difficult to imagine many country fans not liking this engaging collection of songs. In recent decades country music has become more and more fragmented, which has produced many interesting new singers/ bands, and a few we would rather forget. Mark Mandeville and Raianne Richards are two we should remember. – Paul Riley, Country Music People (UK)

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